Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello! I'll no longer be blogging at That's So City. Don't be sad, because what's in store will be 100 times better. My two sisters and I have all been blogging separately, and have decided to combine our efforts.  So, from now on I'll be blogging at Twenty Something Mama

We are a SUPER excited to start blogging together! If you like reading what I have to say, you're sure to love reading what my sisters write. We're redesigning/planning as I type, so hopefully we'll be in full blogging more come Sunday. We've decided to keep things loosely structured if that makes any sense. We'll each be posting individual posts every week and a specific day (mine is Wednesday). The other three days (we most likely won't post on Saturdays) will be posts we write together.

Please, please, please head on over to Twenty Something Mama, follow us, add us to your bookmarks, reader, blog roll or whatever, and follow along with three pretty fun, crafty, out spoken and crazy twenty something mamas.

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