Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NICE Assignment: FWD That Junk Mail

This week's NICE Assignment is so easy a caveman could do it. Forward your junk mail to For every 10 junk emails that Chipotle Mexican Grill receives, they'll donate $1 to The Lunch Box  an organization that is committed to providing schools with the tools needed to make good food available for student lunches.

Chipotle needs 500,000 emails to donate $50,000, will you help?! I've already fwd my junk emails.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Living Room Chair

I'm still on the hunt for the chair I want in the living room, I posted some options awhile ago, but we've decided we need an arm chair. I found this chair at Crate and Barrel and I'm absolutely in love with it, but at $2,000 it's just a little out of my price range.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Design Archives: Part 3

Television commercials can be nicely "designed" too...I normally don't watch commercials because I'm usually trying to watch 3 different shows in the same time slot! But last night, both my shows were on a commercial break at the same time, and I saw this Sherwin Williams commercial. I absolutely adore it!

*Note to self - when it's time to redesign blog, make it wide enough for the whole YouTube video player! For now, please view video in full screen, so it's not being cut off!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NICE Assignment: Tell Me About Your Dad

Have I really gone a week without posting? I need to get better at this...Well it's Monday and that means Melissa at Operation NICE has posted a new NICE Assignment. If you've just started reading, I've promised myself to complete every NICE Assignment she posts on her blog. So far, I think I've only missed one, so I'm doing pretty good.

This week's NICE Assignment was to write about your dad, after all Father's Day was this past Sunday. Every girl thinks she has the best dad in the world, but they're wrong. He's all mine! I can't really put into words all of the reason why, but I've tried...

My dad rocks. I really could not have dreamed up a better father. I think it takes some people time, growth and maturing to realize what a great father (or mother) they had. But I've always known. From the time I was little, playing ghosty ghosty and tickle monster with him and my siblings to him walking me down the aisle on my wedding day, I have ALWAYS felt surrounded by his love.

He had such an active role in my life childhood into adulthood. A few examples, he was my O.M. coach, helped with 4-H, my "business partner" when I wanted to raise sheep and financial adviser through out college.

He's not a man of many words, but his words are always wise. He once told me, " No one deserves anything" and that's stuck with for life. It was a hard life learn that anything worth having is something you've worked hard  for, not something handed to you.

Though it all seems trivial now, he was my rock and shoulder to cry on my senior of high school, when I went from freshman and JV MVP, to a varsity point guard with lot's of potential, to sitting on the bench my whole senior basketball season.

After devoting 23 years to raising 4 biological kids and providing them with love, support and every opportunity possible, my dad (and momma of course :) continue do  exactly what God put them on this Earth to do as foster parents to 3 young kids. And all though it's been tough at times, they continue to show them the same love and affection I remember getting and still get!

He was the number 1 man in my life for sooooo long! And he's still in a very close second (comes in right behind my hubs). Last time I went back to Lake O to visit, I had the opportunity to have some daddy/daughter time with him, and I found when he knew he wasn't #1 anymore...It was a cold winter night, I was driving my old dodge pick up from Big Rapids home to Lake O when it broke down (radiator gave out). I called my dad after I called my boyfriend (now my hubs). That was the defining moment, and I think my daddy is ok with coming in at a close 2nd these days. After all I can be a little needy...

Sorry, this was a little long winded. But like I said, my dad rocks.

Monday, June 14, 2010

NICE Assignment: Make a Love List

After taking a break form blogging, Melissa of Operation NICE is back. Which means, I'm back to completing her NICE Assignments. This week's was to create a list of things you love to do. So as you can see above, I've put together a quick list of things I love to do!

June Love List

Today's NICE Assignment (post coming soon) reminded me that I never posted my June Love List, so here it is...

  • Megan of The Em Space visits Chicago
  • Top Chef D.C. starts
  • Chicago Street Fests 
  • I get to take a trip to my hometown for the Brodbeck Family Reunion
  • Sun, sand and water
  • Beautiful weather

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

First created as a propaganda poster by the British government, Keep Calm and Carry on posters are making a come back. Since the royal crown copyright expires after 50 years, it's now public domain.

Posters like these, in frames like these fit perfectly into my romantic vintage vision for our bedroom.

(via Four Good Corners)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

J&A Wedding Stationery

Last weekend, hubs and I had the pleasure of being in two of our dearest friends' wedding. Don't worry we weren't in two weddings in one day, the two dearest friends, married each other. They were also they same friends that inspired the name of this blog and designing their wedding stationery reminded me how much I miss these types of projects and well designing in general...

Save the date: Hardest part of designing the save the date, choosing which photo booth pics to use! They were all so adorable. The save the date was met to give a fun, silly, funky vibe, because that's what they wanted the wedding to be. Plus there was a photo booth at the wedding, so it ended up tying in very nicely!

The bride came to me with a few ideas, which evolved to this request "use the tall format, include the butterfly/garden theme and black stripes" I'm really happy with the way the elements came together. Below are the hotel information card and rsvp (which was a postcard. A great way to save some money on envelopes!)

The ceremony was on the rooftop deck of one of Chicago's hotels. It was beautiful! The same theme was carried into the programs, dinner menus, place cards and table numbers, now I know it all may start to seem a little too similar, but remember it's never all seen together at the same time. Will except for now...

The program looks a little cramped, but it was important to the bride that it all be kept on one card.

There were five different place card templates. I thought this was a nice way to add some variety. I also decided not to include the black strips. On small tent cards, it just would have been too busy.

We switched up the table numbers by making them square.

Enjoy this peek at some of my work. Like I wrote about in my last post, I really am wanting to start freelancing so if you have any work you want to send my way, I would be MORE that excited and appreciative!